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This fashion startup connects you to the artisans who made your luxury bag

This fashion startup connects you to the artisans who made your luxury bag For centuries, Italian craftsmanship has been prized for its quality and beauty. That’s why luxury brands from Chanel to Prada have flocked to small Italian villages to find the best artisanal workshops and factories to make clothes, bags, and other accessories. But who are these talented craftspeople? Elisa Rossi, an Italian native who worked at Apple and Square, believes that today’s consumer is less attracted to big flashy labels and is more interested in the real people who make their products. “In cities all over the U.S., people love farmers’ markets and microbreweries,” Rossi tells Fast Company. “They’re interested in the story behind what they buy.” Today, Rossi is launching a startup called Rossi & Rei that attempts to bring luxury artisans directly to the people buying their products. For months, she’s scouted luxury craftspeople across Italy who make products for top luxury brands and partnered with them to make collections of limited-edition products. She has coined the phrase “human-to-human luxury” to describe this approach. For the first month, the brand has made bags, sweaters, and hats. As an added bonus, customers will be able to customize each piece to their liking, choosing their own combination of colors, strap length, and other details. “Storytelling is the critical component here,” Rossi says.

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North Korea This is not hard to interpret - Mr Kim is using this statement to provide a pretext for a spectacular provocation involving his ever more impressive ballistic missiles and his increasingly more powerful nuclear weapons. These provocations could come in many forms. Kim Jong-un has already got his foot in the door in terms of overflying Japan with ballistic missile systems - he has done so twice in the past month. Image caption Kim Jong-un watched a recent missile test in person He could endeavour to do so with North Korea's Hwasong-14 intercontinental-range ballistic missile. Separately, he could test-fire a longer-range submarine-launched ballistic missile or salvo-launch intermediate-range ballistic missiles in the direction of the US territory of Guam. Finally, North Korea hasn't carried out deliberate conventional attacks against the US or its allies since 2010, when it shelled a South Korean island and sunk a South Korean naval ship, killing more than 40 sailors. It could attempt to seize the initiative with new provocations of this kind. The provocations do not stop there, however. Immediately after the release of Mr Kim's statement, North Korea's foreign minister told reporters that the "highest-level" action Kim Jong-un is considering is possibly the "strongest hydrogen bomb test in the Pacific". What could the Pacific threat really mean? This raises a terrifying spectre - one that North Korea watchers have mulled for some time, but which did not seem realistic until this year.